My Taylor Swift Experience!(First Concert)

  Less than 2 weeks ago, I was privileged enough to be able to go to a Taylor Swift concert. My family and I headed in to Manchester for the sparkling night ahead of us and with out a doubt she surpassed all of our expectations. As you all know, I am a major Swiftie and if you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest (if you don’t you totally should, the button is to the right of this) you could probably grasp that from my account. So when we arrived at the arena, we took our seats in block 207, I didn’t think the seats would be that good but they were awesome! Just as we had made our way through the thousands of fans, Vance Joy began to play, to begin with I didn’t know many songs but they sounded incredible and he certainly got the crowd going. Then it was time for Taylor to make her entrance which was may I add, spectacular! The whole night was amazing and the Taylor put on a great show. Considering I wasn’t born in 1989 You could get a feel for the 80’s kind of vibe. Wrist bands were given to every audience member to wear during the performance and they were all synced so that when an important beat was hit they would flash up in unison. My sister and I made our own t-shirts which were posted to twitter by @SimplySFans which just topped the whole experience off! We were so proud of our homemade shirts that we thought we had a really good chance of getting in to Loft ‘89 but when we saw what everyone else was wearing we knew that the chance was very slim. The whole first concert madness was thrilling and I just wish I  could go back and do it all over again! “This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go.”~ Taylor Swift, Enchanted.

Attached below are some pictures of the night if you are interested.

Ellie xx

IMG_1661IMG_1684 IMG_1668 IMG_1673 IMG_1681 IMG_1682

An Abundance of Katherines Review

Right first, how do you actually say the title of this book is it Kath-er-reens or Kath-rins? This puzzled me throughout the book but I kind of saw past it and just got on with reading this bundle of joy!

So just to start out with, this book is amazing and you should all read it. I was not keen on reading “The Fault in Our Stars” but I have heard good things about it, but I thought I would give this book a go! After all it only cost £1.25 or something ridiculously cheap like that!

In a quick summary, this book is about a young prodigy named Colin and when it comes to dating he a has a particular taste. He only ever dates girls named Katherine! Throughout his life there have been 19 Katherines he has dated and they have all dumped him for different reasons. The book is about the adventure Colin and his best friend Hassan take to a place called Gutshot, Tennesee where they meet new people and create new memories. Colin’s cause for adventure was to try and forget Katherine No.19 and get on with his life. The novel explains how his previous life has helped him to become the person he is today and how he has learnt from his mistakes.

I love the way this book was set out and how it flashes back and to the present again. I feel as though we got to know Colin throughout the book and empathise with him, but he can also be a bit cringey at parts too! Throughout the book it feels as though you are stood there with Colin the whole time and you really learn more about his situation. Another a point is, the amount of facts in the book. Its almost as if John Green has created his own type of book, a cross between a fiction book and a non fiction book! I loved reading  the footnotes that included little facts to feed your brain with.

Although this book was sensational, I kind of forgot the meanings of the words that Hassan and Colin say to each other such as “dingleberries” – Like I literally have no clue what this means so you really have to pay attention when reading this book, no falling asleep half way through!

In general, I adore this book and you should all go read it right now!

If you have anymore book recommendations for me leave them in the comments!

Ellie xx

My Favourite Apps


Millions of people across the world own a smartphone and install apps on a regular basis, so I thought it would be beneficial for me to write about some of my favourite apps for you!

1. Pacer- For starters, I love this app. I came across this app when I was looking for a pedometer app for my phone as the built in one doesn’t work. The pedometer is really useful and accurate. I then noticed some of the other features of this app, you are able to go for a run and it will track your progress and at the end tell you how far you have run and how may calories you burnt. I find this app very useful as I try to be as active as I can!

2. Line Learner- This app is amazing! I loved it that much that I even bought the pro version. It allows you to record lines to listen back to them to try and help you learn lines you need to know. As I don’t really do as much acting as I used to, I tend to use this app to learn vocab for my language lessons. One of the features I really like, is the ability to slow down or quicken how fast a line is read back to you! Overall, I think this app is really useful and is definitely  worth paying for.

3.Square Size- I use this app to edit my photos that I want to post to my Instagram(which is Its features allow you to make your picture into a square shape so it is suitable to be posted to Instagram. You can also apply different effects to your pictures and make the borders different colours. I think this app is an essential for anyone wanting to edit their pictures to perfection!

4.Pronounce- Following a similar pattern of languages, I find the Pronounce app very helpful. When I am trying to figure out how I need to say something for my MFL lessons, I use this app. You type in what you need to say and it pronounces it for you. In addition you can also speed up or slow down how fast the app says what you need it to say. Personally I use this app for my own research however you could use it to converse with someone from another country if you are a troubled in this field.

5. Geometry Dash- As for a game, I enjoy playing this game however bad I may be at it. I’m sad to say I can’t get past the first level. I like how simple it is but is also fun to play and doesn’t require too much brain power so it is suitable to play throughout the day and it can be played by anyone of any age. The music is quite irritating though, so I recommend playing it with the volume down!

What are your favourite apps? Let me know on twitter or in the comments below so I can check them out!

Ellie XX

The Right Lip Balm

If you are looking for the best lip balm. You have come to the right place, I’m going to be talking about some of the best lip balms A Môn avis.

Allure So to get us started I am going to mention the famous Maybelline Baby Lips. These are a favoured option among many people at my school for the size convenience an its moisturising properties. Maybelline have released many ranges of Baby lips such as the electro ones and the dr rescue along with the standard ones. My personal favourite is the mint green lip balm of the original range. I like this one as it leaves my lips well moisturised and gives a tingly feeling with is quite satisfying. Another reason as to why I like this balm is because of how it is never greasy and doesn’t feel heavy on your lips.

EOS LIP BALMSMoving on, another balm which is popular among the teenagers of the USA and Britain is the EOS lip balms. There are so many different varieties to chose from and another flavour is released every few months. The great thing about these lip balms is their shapes, most of them are a spherical shape with a screw on lip. They are compact and easily thrown into a bag whilst on the go. My personal favourite flavours are the sweet mint (all about that mint) and the coconut milk. The packaging for the coconut milk balm is very attractive as it is a light pink colour and has swirls across it. Another advantage to EOS lip balms are the grooves made for your fingers to be put into. They are really convenient and make it easy to use.

nivea lip balm Nivea lip butters have definitely made their way into the hearts of lip balm lovers nation wide. In particular I am a fan of the raspberry and rose edition. The balm is a very creamy consistency and is packaged in a metal tin which is nice to touch and keeps the product cool and stops it from melting. These lip balms are very soothing yet one downside to this product is the stickiness of the product. Therefore you end up with lots of the product on your finger after application. However I still really like this balm! This is a flavoursome product so it tastes really nice (but don’t eat it if possible)!

So to finalise before this post gets far too long, if you are looking for a really hydrating lip balm go for the Maybelline baby lips particularly the original range. If you are looking for a non-greasy lip balm that can be kept in a bag throughout the day I would recommend an Eos lip balm of any sort. Finally if a creamy lip balm is the way ahead for you, try the Nivea lip butters.

What is your favourite lip product?

HYDRATING= Baby lips
CREAMY= Nivea Lip butters 

Wonderstuck by Taylor Swift Perfume

   Last week, my younger sister and mum purchased the Wonderstruck perfume from Superdrug for me when I returned from my trip abroad. I was over the moon to say the least. For months I have been obsessing over Taylor’s perfume line and was ecstatic when I received one of the fragrances.

I have tried the perfume and been using it for a few days now, so I thought I would give you a review about it. The fragrance is really strong and lasts for ages, I applied this spray this morning and it is now 6pm and it is still as strong as it was this morning. As for the scent it is has a floral aroma with a hint of sweetness, I also feel as though there is a fruity smell about it too. Normally, I apply Wonderstruck to my wrists and neck and sometimes the back of my ears as I read it lasts longer behind your ears but I don’t know!!

Wonderstruck’s packaging is also beautiful, it comes in a deep purple box with  gold, shimmery writing on the front, there is also a patterned gold box on the packaging too. Once removed from the packaging, you are left with a spherical glass bottle of a similar deep purple. The bottle catches the light and creates gold and silver shimmer spots when held into the light. The lid has charms attached to it which gives it more of a boho feel. The charms include a bird cage and a dove shape, the charm colours are again a gold slash bronze kind of colour.

This perfume is so nice and I can see myself wearing this for the next few years to come!

Top 10 Songs for March and April 2015

For this post I thought I would share with you some of the tunes I’ve recently been loving. Some of these songs are currently in the charts but some aren’t as I love to listen to songs that were popular a few years ago as some bring back memories and some, well I just like the sound of them despite their age. If you haven’t listened to any of these tracks before I recommend that you give them a listen if you are bored with your current playlists or you just like to mix it up (pun intended) every now and then.

  1. Shake It Off ~ Taylor Swift
    This song is one of my all time favourite songs from Taylor. It really puts the message across about how it doesn’t matter if you fit in as long as you are happy with the life you live.
  2. GDFR ~ Flo Rida
    I love how this song brings back memories of my recent trip to Paris we were all singing this song and dancing to the beat in the middle. This track is the kind of song you rave to with friends or even in your bedroom
  3. Cooler Than Me ~ Mike Posner
    For me, this song reminds me of when I used to sing to it really loudly in the car on the way home from school when I was younger. If I had a boring day at school I could count on this song to cheer me up! This song has been out for a while but nevertheless I still love it.
  4. Rather Be ~ Clean Bandit
    I personally think Clean Bandit are such a creative band, the way they mix classical music with electro-pop music is amazing. This song has always been one of my favourites and the video is set in Japan so what isn’t there to love about it?!
  5. Worth It ~ Fifth Harmony
    This song has only been released recently, but as soon as I heard it I knew I was going to love it. Fifth Harmony just have this positive vibe about them that really rubs off in their songs. Overall it is one great tune!
  6. I Really Like You ~ Carly Rae Jepsen
    I Really really really really like this song. It is such a positive song, the music video is great too. Tom Hanks really plays his part well. It is just a wonderful and upbeat. If you haven’t heard this song you should definitely give it a listen. I think this song is going to go far this year…
  7. Blank Space~ Taylor Swift
    As you all know, I love Taylor Swift so it won’t come as a shock to you to see that another of her songs is listed here in my favourites. This song is so fun and the chorus is really catchy. It is the kind of song you can hum to in the shower or at school or something. There is nothing much else to say about other than it is another of Taylor’s simply amazing creations!
  8. Ugly Heart~ G.R.L
    Again, this is another of this years most catchy songs. It is more of a negative song, but nonetheless still a great song to sing into a hairbrush with your friends.
  9. All Of Me (Teisto Remix)~John Legend
    Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the original song by John Legend, however I feel as though this is a much better version. It has more of a beat and is less downbeat. I think that this is more of a song you can listen to loudly in your room as it has more of a drum beat.  If you haven’t already listened to this song you should definitely listen to it.
  10.    Sky Full Of Stars~ Coldplay
    This is my final favourite, I like how positive this song is and how it makes you feel. I think that Coldplay seem like genuinely nice people trying to make nice music for the world. The music video for this song is really vibrant and fun, you should watch it if you haven’t already.

These are my personal favourite songs from the past few weeks. Let me know in the comments what your favourite songs are for March and April!

Ellie xx

Sephora Haul!!!

As some of you may know from my last post, I have recently been to Paris. While I was in Paris I thought I would pay Sephora a visit. I have heard lots about Sephora from other bloggers and Youtubers, so I thought I would have a look. It was amazing! Each aisle was full of wonderful products at wonderful prices, the shop was set out nicely and everything looked appealing, and the staff were lovely too. I always try to speak French whenever I am in France as I want to practice, mostly my French gets the message across but it isn’t always right. When I was in Sephora, the woman helped me to correct my French and she practiced her English which was great! Anyway, I picked up a few things while I was there that I wanted to share with you.

The first itekiss me lip balm editedm I picked up was a lip balm, I thought it was cute and it was a bit like an Eos. I kind of have an obsession with Eos lip balms so I wanted to see how it compared to my Eos ones and I can safely say it is very similar. I like this balm as it isn’t greasy and the scent is quite neutral. Also, I like the way that the lid goes on easily I know this may seem weird but sometimes when I use my Eos it takes a few attempts to get the lid on properly. It cost around 6.95 Euros. It was definitely worth the money.

The next thing I bought was a lot of bath gel thingys.bath gels edited They came in cute packaging and I thought they would be good for gifts. In the shop there were many different flavours so I picked up 6 or 7 different ones. The flavours included cotton flower, green tea, mango and more. These little shower gels just looked too cute to ignore, and they were only 95 cents each!! I am yet to try any of these but have high hopes and I imagine they smell great.

My third item is a small Eau de Toilette. The French are known for their perfume and this one is so nice. The scent is mango and it smells really fresh. It is just a small size so I could try it. I personally think this is a good size as it has enough perfume in it to last a little while and it isn’t bulky so it can be tossed into your bag before you go out if you need a little bit of a refresh throughout the day. Also, I think the packaging is really attractive for this perfume as it is a slim cylinder made from glass which gives it more of a professional look. I am pretty sure that when I whip this out at school that everyone will be asking where I Perfume editedbought it from. Also this only cost 4.50 Euros.

Another item I bought from Sephora was a little travel bag with essentials inside. It has deodorant wipes, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, a hairbrush and a travel toothbrush. As I tend to do a lot of travelling I thought this would be great for when I’m on the go in case I want to freshen up a bit. Before I saw this I had never seen deodorant wipes but this is such a good idea. The white travel basephora travel bag editedg it comes in is simple and convenient. It is also see through so I can see what is inside that bag as soon as I grab it. When I picked it up I misread the price tag and thought it was only 6 Euros 50, however it was 16 Euros 50, which is probably a bit pricey for this really.

The next item I purchased in Sephora was a bath fizzing cube. I actually bought two but I have already used one and it was amazing. It immediately filled the bath the bath with a lovely aroma and made white clouds throughout the water. The flavour I tried was blue coconut cube editedlilac. It made my skin feel lovely and soft and the aroma relaxed me and made me feel sleepy and ready for bed. I am really excited to try this coconut flavour too.

bioderma edited
My last item wasn’t actually from Sephora but I wanted to include this in my haul. It is the Bioderma. Bioderma is a cleansing water that is really nice to your face it is takes all of your make up off well. I just squirt some on a cotton pad and wipe it all across my face, I even use it on my eyes. My face is really sensitive however this agrees with my skin perfectly well and it doesn’t cause any rashes or lumps. I also really like this as it is cooling on my face. For two 500ml bottles of Bioderma it cost 20 Euros. This seems like a lot but it was definitely worth the money.

I really liked this shop. I might do an online order too in the not so distant future. If there is anything you think I should try next time let me know in the comments I would love to hear what your Sephora favourites are.



As we speak I am in Paris. I have been a few times now but this time has been so much fun. So far we have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower (so scary). We also had a drive by visit of the Arc Du Triomphe, it was amazing! The road leading to the arch is the Champs Elysees, this is the most famous roads in Paris and has so many posh shops such as Tiffany&Co. In addition we have also visited the Stad De France, the architecture was beautiful and the roof appeared to be floating. As a day trip we also went to Disney Land where we tried some of the worlds best rides and met some of the characters too! The last excursion we have been on was to a shopping centre where we shopped til we dropped and there was a Sephora so a haul will shortly follow!! If you have ever been to Paris before let me know in the comments what your favourite place is!

Monthly Favourites For February

I know that we are now well on our way into march, but I thought I would just share with you some of my favourite products from the month of February.

My First favourite is a beauty related product, it is the Rimmel apocalips  lip lacquer in the colour Big bang. If you aren’t already aware of what a lip lacquer is, it is the colour and brightness of a lipstick in the form and glossiness of a lip gloss. I have recently been loving this one as it is supEdited rimmel apocalipser easy to apply and lasts for a really long time. As it is so bright, I often like to dull it down a bit with a layer of powder which gives it a more matte look.

Now on to my next favourite, In this last month or so I have really been loving my Konjac Sponge. It is made from a plant grown inkonjac edited Asia, it is a sponge with a very springy texture and it feels good when you wash your face with it. I am led to believe that these  sponges are quite inexpensive however I was given mine as a gift. Overall I defiantly think this is worth a look and is a really good product.

Now on to my third favourite. Recently I have been listening to a lot edited beatsmore music and to help me with this I have been using my Beats by Dr Dre head phones. Now I had heard lots of good things about these so I decided to take a look. They are amazing, I have had over the head headphones before that were quite uncomfortable, but these are so nice. They give a really nice sound quality and come in a really useful pouch for easy storage.

My fourth and final favourite for this month are my Forever 21 jeans. I really can’t fault these jeans. They are so comfy and are easy to wash and fold. They are without a doubt the best jeans I have ever purchased. I love the way that they are really light but they feel good when I am wearing them. Before now I had never really purchased anything from Forever 21, but now I am in love with their products. They were that good that I even ordered another pair last week. So if you are looking for a new pair of jeans, I would defiantly recommend these.

Melting Marshmallow Moment!! 

Recently, I went to the Lush shop. It was great, despite the amount of overpowering smells and the tight confined space. I decided to pick up a few things just to give them a try. One of the things I purchased was a Melting marshmallow moment. It has a really light scent and it is really sweet. The texture of the bath melt was quite crumbly and oily. Once I plunged it into the bath it started to fizz and it produced clouds of fluffy white froth that sat on the surface of the water. Underneath it had coloured the water pink. It also made my skin feel really smooth and soft aswell. Overall I think this is definitely worth a purchase. It was great!! Leave me a comment saying what your favourite lush product is and I will be sure to give it a go xx