Primark is the new Prada

Primark is the new Prada – 2016 Autumn Edition

Primark has stepped up its game. There is no two ways about it, the quality of the items is just so much better than it used to be. For the past year or so I would steer clear of Primark as its garments would just never last. T-shirts would fade after two wears and would inevitably end up with holes in them within a week. I came to the conclusion that despite the low price it wasn’t worth buying the same clothes all the time. More recently however, Primark has improved the quality of its clothes as so I will resume my purchasing.

I saw YouTube videos from the likes of Zoella and Fabulous Hannah showing all of their new clothes from Primark. It seemed like the autumn collection was actually pretty decent. So of course I checked it out for myself and picked up a few bits and managed to put together a nice autumnal outfit. Not sure if its just me, but i did think that the prices had also increased. This can only mean one of two things. Either the inflation of the pound, or Primark is paying its workers a better wage and I can only hope its the latter.

I picked up a plaid shirt and a burgundy pinafore which I think is the epitome of autumn. To add to this, I paired it with a Topshop choker and some shoes from Tesco. I know Tesco wouldn’t be an immediate association with fashion but they do have some beautiful pieces. The rest of this post will largely be images of the outfit I put together and it costs no more than around £30.

The Outfit

Eden’s Semilla Serums


Eden’s Semilla Serums

So basically this post is about how I’ve got your back. Right so I heard you were looking for new serums yeah? yeah of course who isn’t looking for a new serum?! Anyways, this post gives you the low down on serums from a brand called Eden’s Semilla.  If I had to summarise in 3 words i would say “You NEED this”. You may try to persuade me that another serum is better but I don’t think it gets much better than this serum! I have been testing out the Vitamin C serum and the Hyaluronic acid serums.

The Packaging

First of all the packaging is hands down, GORGEOUS they come in this elegant glass bottle with very cute labels on them that give you all the information you need! However, the bottle has one of those annoying child proof openings but I kind of got used to it after using the product several times and now it just seems like second nature to open them like that. Also, I think the pipette is a really unique idea and it makes applying the serum so easy. The pipette allows for no waste serum as you can decide how much you use per use. Furthermore, I find this to be so much better than a pump action serum as the quantity stays the same every time and the pipette always stays cool so it is refreshing on the face.

The Serum Itself

Firstly, both serums are very closely related and are used for similar things. I’m of the opinion that the hyaluronic acid one has more of a coconut kind of smell but it isn’t 100% spot on and does have a chemically hint but nothing overpowering. As for the vitamin c serum it does have a citrus aroma which is the be expected with undertones of TCP. Again it isn’t a major draw back of the product and I tend not to focus on the scent of a product. If a serum could be pigmented I would say this is very pigmented.Basically what I mean by that is that you don’t need a lot of product and in fact you can use a tiny amount and it does a really good job. In my opinion, I found them both to be good at hydrating and smoothing but I will include a detailed list of what each of them was good at further down. Overall, I really enjoyed using these products. Afterwards, I did notice a big difference in my skin and in my wrinkles. Wrinkles isn’t something I worry about at my age but I have lines above my eyebrow from when I smile and this smoothed everything out. As an open hater of all citrus fruits I struggle getting vitamin c and so these serums made up for what I was lacking in my diet. I would be 99% sure that this is why my skin has been so good recently! Maybe I might have to try eating and orange again or something (yuck!). I found the hydration in these products to be amazing, they  replaced my moisturiser which was so great.


This is just going to be a quick bullet point list highlighting the things each product was really good at:

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  • Serious plumping of the skin
  • Industrial moisturisation
  • Firming of the skin
  • Combating wrinkles
  • Combating under eye  puffiness

Vitamin C Serum

  • Smoothing of the skin
  • Soothing of sore areas
  • Firming of the skin
  • Tackles red areas
  • Combats wrinkles and lines

I really also love how these products are all natural and organic which is always better for your skin than products with harsh chemicals! 🙂

Here are some pictures of the products!

and if you take literally nothing else from this post then just think.. you have probably learned how to spell hyaluronic acid!


Ellie x



Autumn Appropriate Lipsticks

Autumn Appropriate Lipsticks

The change between summer and autumn always seems to be the most noticed and widely publicised. The calendars flick over on to the first of September and that’s it, my timeline, news feed and any other sort of image related social platform is swamped with the arrival of pumpkins, leaves, tea, cosy nights, films and pretty much anything orange. To mark the pumpkin emoji awaking after its 3/4 year slumber, I decided to do an autumn appropriate lipsticks post about all the lippies I will be wearing and loving for the next couple of months. If you like this kind of thing, let me know and I might do more seasonal posts like this!

There will be a gallery of all the lipsticks on at the end of the post

The Berry Toned Red

Is it really autumn if your favourite berry lipstick doesn’t make its yearly debutimg_2927 after long year of it playing second best to the prettiest pinks and nudes. For my berry lipstick I love this Ted Baker, which apparently has no name. I think so many skin tones would be able to pull this off including my sheet white complexion. It resembles a Taylor Swift esque lipstick (you knew I was going to mention her somehow?!) with its vibrant red and the more purpley undertones complement blue and green eyes well. It has a good formula and glides on the lips with little tugging, which is always a bonus. The packaging is very simple slightly disappointing for a supposedly high end brand as the lid doesn’t even click on properly every time. This came in a set I was gifted at christmas and was available at boots a while back.


The True Purple

A true purple is like the MVP in autumn as the vampy lip is finally accepted for all. The purple I have is Kourt K by Kylie Jenner. It was such a palaver getting this lipstick, it literally took months to come but I’m kinda glad I’ve got it now. At first I wasn’t sold but it has grown on my and I am beginning img_2923to warm to the colour (excuse the pun). I love how matte this is and your lips hydration isn’t compromised. One thing I would say is it’s so difficult to remove but on the other hand it stays on all day, so its a small price really. The lip liner is dead useful otherwise you lipstick will be half way down your chin in like less than an hour. The colour can be toned down also, I tend to mix it with my palest concealer and it creates a pretty pinky mauve , for when I’m not feeling that brave. This again is such a good true purple for autumn and reminds of the dark and cosy nights to come.

The Plum

During the autumn time, the plum lip makes its come back with every cosmetics company on the planet trying to perfect their formula to make ‘the best plum lipstick’. When September rolls around yet again, its always good to be armed with a beautiful plum lipstick like this Ted Baker chubby stick, which has a similar tone to the Kylie Jenner kit but I would say has more red unimg_2924dertones and is less vibrant and much more subtle. It is also a glossy finish in contrast to the matte lip kit, its always good to mix it up a bit every now and then. I am a big fan on this stick as it never seems to dry out and the chubby stick packaging makes it easy to take on the go. I have found that the nib gets blunt quickly and it becomes less and less precise with every use which i would say is pretty annoying as I end up with one lip arch higher than the other and with a lipstick colour like this there is no room for mistakes as every slip of the hand is visible.




Ellie x

Festival Expectations Vs Reality

Coachella seems to be the most popular festival of the year and with tickets the price of a small house most of us have to settle with second best, which for us was Carfest North. Year in year out pictures are shared on tumblr and  of what Coachella and similar festivals entail, but on the other side of the pond, here in the UK festivals are completely different to what many would expect@

Expectation vs Reality 1
So most people would expect to see many intricate and colouful crowns floating around the festival field. Over in California, flower crowns seem to be in high demand and everyone wears them during festival season. However over here the sighting of a flower crown is as rare as catching a Pikachu on pokemon go. So to try and look the part we are subject to turning to snapchat to give us that all desirable flower crown. But lets be real its not the same thing is it?! 🙂IMG_8741coachella crowns

Expectation vs Reality 2

The pretty fairy lights that illuminate Coachella and Lollapalooza alike are always worthy of a reblog. The pictures, classically captioned with #nofilter usually get promoted to being coverphotos on Facebook and Twitter and your most liked photo on Instagram. Palm Trees twinned with the pretty iridescent glow of the lights is apparently the recipe for a viral photograph. On the other hand when the lights are usually from B&Q and fitted by a cheap local labourer they don’t acquire the same kind of attention! So for us 25 filters and upping the saturation is pretty the only option. For some photos I was even forced to use my sunglasses as an extra filter!IMG_9633-1coachella lights

Expectation vs Reality 3

Of course fashion is like the biggest part of festivals with high end and highstreet brands taking advantage of the current hot trend and nicely providing us with skimpy clothing which would be PERFECT for the hot climate here in the UK as during summer, you know, we sometimes reach 15 degrees which is just certainly shorts weather (oh wait..). Tumblr and pinterest just set our expectations way too high and festivals in the UK are NOTHING like the parties thrown by our American Buddies. So what I’m trying to say is, you are going to have to rock a plastic bag over 14 layers of clothes because it will be cold and it will rain!

IMG_8020-1coachella clothes

Lastly, thank you Coachella and Lollapalooza for setting standards high since 1999

I really want to got to Coachella sometime and Lollapalooza if you have been, please tweet me pics my name is over there ————>

Ellie x

Gym Sessions

Whether you love or hate the gym its pretty much a must in modern day society especially because of the invention of ice cream, KFC and burritos. You can’t honestly say that you don’t love at least one of those items in the previous list, because lets face it they are the best things since sliced bread. To be able to balance the tasty food its important to get all the exercise you need so for most people that means going to the gym. I am a committed gym going and I typically go 2 times a week during term time but over the summer I’ve been going 4+ times a week. So today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite sessions to do at the gym.

The 2k

2k Walking/Running ( incline of 7%/1.5%)
2k Cycling (level 8)
2k Rowing (level 10)
20 reps on weights of your choice

10 minute Circuits

10 minutes on Step Climber = about 50 floors of 17 steps
10 minutes Walking/Running (Incline of 7%/1.5%)
10 minutes Octane Elliptical (if your gym has, its a really good machine)
10 minutes Cycling (level 8) = about 3.5k
10 minutes Rowing (level 10) = about 2k
10 minutes weights of your choice


The all round 5

5k running/walking (takes me about 35 minutes at my best)
50 floors on Step Climber
5 minutes weights


I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your next workout, these circuits have really helped me to improve my fitness levels. I can also really recommend BBG by Kayla Itsines and also the Ab workout by Soundcoach which is available for download on Apple podcasts and soundcloud!


Ellie x





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Homemade Flatbreads- Paleo,Vegan

Easy Flatbreads


  • 2 cups of plain flour (you will probably need more!)
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of Baking powder
  • ½ cup of water
  • ¼ cup of milk – I used regular milk but any non-dairy would also work
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

You just really need to mix all of the ingredients in a bowl or food processor until they combine into a firm dough. Then divide the bowl into 8 smaller balls, and flatten into thin spherical discs using either your hands or a floured rolling pin. You want to make them as thin as possible. Then to cook put them in a frying pan and cook until they begin to puff up (2-3 minutes), then repeat on the other side. Leave to cool whilst cooking the others.

Enjoy! Make sure to send my pictures on Twitter and Instagram;


Below is a link of where to find a Youtube video of where I made them! 🙂

DIY Matte Liquid Lipsticks

So the world seems to have gone crazy over matte liquid lipsticks with every brand seeming to try and make their own version. With the likes of Colourpop, Anastasia and Kylie Jenner ruling the American lipstick market, the UK seem to be behind, (like seriously we only just got NYX) and us Brits have to only hope and wish that one day we will be able to afford the import duty and handling fee to experience the luxury of owning a Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipstick. Therefore we are left with little choice other than to improvise, which is exactly what I did when I decided to make my own liquid lipsticks.

To do this, I used an old eyebrow spoolie the sort of ones that come in brush kits that nobody uses. Any kind of eyeshadow, preferably one you don’t care about anymore as you are going to be taking bits off it. And finally a matte foundation, you don’t need to use a high end foundation a lower priced one is perfectly fine, I used the l’oreal infallible pro matte foundation and it worked well. If you have a deep skin tone I recommend that you use a lighter shade if possible so it doesn’t overpower the eyeshadow and make it not very pigmented. However if you aren’t willing to buy a new foundation purely for this then a matte primer would also work just as well.

So if you haven’t already seen where this is going, you use the brush to scrape little bits of eyeshadow from the pan and mix it with a bit of foundation to create your perfect colour. To do this you could use a paper plate but to be honest I just used a post it note as I was too lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a plate (it is like two long flights of stairs in my

!). When you have got your desired colour you can swatch it on your hand to check you like the ratio of the ingredients and to check it goes on smooth and not too patchy. Then the sky is your limit and you can put them on your lips and just go to town with it!

Here are a few of the ones I made and I also enjoyed naming them too!



Iceland, the land of fire and ice. I can solely confirm that this nickname is very fitting and the contrast between them is remarkable. During February, I was fortunate enough to visit Iceland as part of a GCSE Geography trip, the trip was focused on our recent topic on glaciation. The country is so beautiful and by far the most picturesque place I have visited on the Earth to date.
We flew with Iceland Air and they were by far the best airline I have flown with, even in economy and this is coming from someone who has flown business class Swiss air. The aircraft we flew on was a Boeing 757-300 for all you plane enthusiasts out there like me! The cabin was mood lit with the colours of the Northern Lights with got us all excited for our trip, all the cabin crew were so nice and free drinks were available which is not common on airlines nowadays. On arrival in Iceland, we headed straight for the Blue Lagoon which was such an amazing experience, the sensation of having a warm body yet a cold head was actually really soothing. My skin also felt amazing after the silica masks which are provided. We were all very glad to be relaxed in the lagoon after a long day of traveling. We headed to our accommodation in the evening and went for a walk along the bay which was amazing albeit a little cold. Reykjavik is one of the weirdest places I have been to purely for the fact that it is the capital of Iceland yet is so sparsely populated it feels like a rural village, only the infrastructure hints at the fact that it is indeed the capital city. The next few days consisted of waterfalls, volcanoes and of course geysers,some of the best the world has to offer. One thing that certainly stood out for me was the black sand beach that we had the privilege to visit. The waves were so tall and brutal that the coastline was cordoned off and guarded by police due to the sheer force of the waves and the fact that someone had recently died on the beach. The waves originate in the Arctic circle and you can certainly tell from their height and force. Our second and third night in Iceland was spent in a Southern town named Vik, the hotel we stayed in was very Icelandic in its looks as it was a series of log cabins which made the whole vibe of Iceland for me! In addition, Vik is very rural and has little light pollution compared to Reykjavik so was the perfect place to see the Northern lights and we were fortunate to catch a glimpse of them, although it was only faint and didn’t last particularly long but still its better than everything visible in the UK.

It was only right that during my stay, I participated in tasting the local delicacy which was a yoghurt called Skyr, it was the most delicious yoghurt I have ever tasted. Our tour guide described it as an adult petit filous which was the most accurate description. Arla do make their own version which I tried when I got home but it doesn’t compare to the real deal. Waitrose do now stock the yoghurt fortunately, however when I went to my local store (which is 40 mins away) they didn’t have any!

Iceland is the most amazing place on the planet that I have had the oppurtunity to visit and you can bet that I will be back again soon!

Olivia Burton Watch

Olivia Burton Watch

In the past few months I have been on the lookout for new watch as the one I currently had was on its last legs and eventually the strapped snapped and I had had enough. After hours surfing Pinterest for affordable yet cute watches to buy, I discovered the brand Olivia Burton which is based in London and create some of the most beautiful watches at still affordable (ish) prices. I was desperate to buy one but just couldn’t bring myself to spend in the region of £75 for a watch. I continued to put it off until I saw the most beautiful watch in Selfridges and I just had to have it. The lady put it on my wrist I looked at my best friend and I knew I had to buy it. I know it sounds soppy but I ADORE this watch and I never want to take it off. Its just so comfortable and classy and the same time and it goes with everything which is even better. The face has a beautiful cherry blossom kind of print with birds, the name of the pattern is actually blossom birds which is very fitting. The watch itself is rose gold and has a grey strap which makes it look so elegant. The watch was fairly expensive it cost £80, however there are others from Olivia Burton that do cost around £70. I purchased mine from Selfridges as I mentioned earlier, however I am led to believe that they are also available in Topshop and possibly Amazon but I’m not 100% sure. The watch was very well boxed as you will be able to see in the photos below, and it also comes with a 12 month warranty. Overall this watch is so pretty and well worth the high price tag and I couldn’t be happier with it!