Flower Power

Flower Power

I have been pretty into wearing printed clothes at the minute especially this top! It is just gorgeous, it hangs lovely on the body and the fabric is to die for. Pretty sure this is from New Look but there are so many brands that will have a similar kind of thing as lets be real its a wardrobe must have. It has this slit back which isn’t too revealing but adds some class to the shirt. Also there is no need to go braless because I may have boobs the size of tennis balls but there is no way I’m going out without one on. For the most time, I wear this outift with jeans and a big fluffy cardigan and just a pair of converse, but I can make it look a bit more formal by adding a pair of heels.

I LOVE HEELS! (yes, I just discovered how to make my words bold. easily amused!)

They make my legs look so much nicer and at a whopping 5ft3 a few adding inches isn’t always a bad thing. I picked up these heels from M&S, they were the only pair left and they were in my size, so I if thats not fate I don’t know what is. They had also been reduced like 60 times or something as I bagged these for a meagre £5. Heels go with pretty much anything and with them being nude you are really adding to your options!

Anyway I love this outfit but the hair didn’t quite go how I was planning but hey ho life goes on and I did still get some pretty decent photos of the outfits that I’m happy with so let me enlighten you:

dsc_1532 dsc_1553 dsc_1548 dsc_1542 dsc_1537






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  1. Cute outfit, I’ve been really into floral prints lately and have a shirt just like yours. Would love if you could check out my new post? And do you have Instagram? XX

    The Fashion Road.com
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

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