Femme Luxe Style [Gifted]

Who doesn’t love that new clothes feeling? I certainly do. So when Femme Luxe reached out to me to send over some new items, I really couldn’t refuse. They sent me over 4 items to style and test out and without too many spoilers the quality of the clothes far exceeded my expectations. Keep on reading if you want to see 3 hella cute and hella cheap outfits styled for all year round!

The first things that sprang to mind when I was thinking about Femme Luxe was their bomb instagram page that shares some really relatable posts, and to be honest I always just associated them with a lack of quality and cheap fast fashion that would last only a few wears. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When the email dropped in my inbox I put off doing the collaboration as I didn’t think that Femme Luxe was the kind of brand that suited both my style and my audience but delving deeper into their website I noticed that they offered a rang of clothing to suit all different types of people which was refreshing.

Being somewhat of a ‘modest’ dresser, the neon, short, sheer style that Femme Luxe offers didn’t immediately appeal to me, but I did manage to find a great array of clothes that don’t subscribe to this. This is what really makes me think that Femme Luxe cares for its audience and not just selling a limited range of clothes to girls destined for Ibiza and Glasto.

My first outfit is this adorable pinafore with frilly straps. Lord knows I love a good frill, so this item jumped straight out at me. The checkered print pattern is both chic and professional which means you could wear this both at cocktails and in a meeting. It all depends on how much you dress this up or down. Again, I kinda expected this to be way too short for my liking but I can confirm that clocking in at 5 feet and 2 inches this pinafore is neither too short nor too long. So if you are blessed with a few more inches the length is something to be aware of. I decided to style this with a black long sleeve top, also curtesy of Femme Luxe, and a pair of black tights and some espadrilles. Equally you could wear this without the tights and a pair of heels and go from a day look to a night time look.

On to the second outfit and I selected this adorable tweed looking skirt. You can most likely see a monochrome trend emerging in my outfits, but black and white are so easy to style. This time I braved it tight-less in order to not distract from the skirt. The uneven hem line is so cute and adds something a little extra to an otherwise simple skirt. I wore this combo to college last week and I received so many comments. My only word of advice is that the skirt being a tweed like material is prone to pulls so keep your dogs and cats away people. When I shot this outfit I chose espadrilles and the staple plain black top but a pair of black vans and tights would also work well. Overall this skirt is perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter!

For my third and final outfit I had to try out a pair of jeans. Having bought jeans from budget fashion stores before and almost without fail ending up disappointed I felt the need to do the market research on this pair of jeans. I was drawn to this pair of jeans on account of the cute little waist tie which creates a paperbag trouser effect which is something quite unique for jeans. Other than that they were high waisted (perfect for keeping all of those extra pounds at bay) and the wash was just perfect. When they arrived the quality genuinely blew me away. I would honestly not have batted an eyelid if someone would have told me that these jeans cost in excess fo £50. My favourite part of these jeans are the lining of the pockets. It seems small and insignificant, I know, but the fabric is just gorgeous. It really adds a sense of quality to the jeans. I couldn’t get a flattering photo of the inside of my jeans, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

I hope you enjoyed these stylings and take a look at femme luxe because their products will really blow you away! Happy shopping 🙂

*Just so you know, the products shown were provided free of charge by Femme Luxe but all opinions shared are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the brand.

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