Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

There are some places on earth that make you feel just so chilled and almost at home. For me Daytona Beach was one of those places. It really is a crazy place for a world famous beach. It is literally just next to a major town so seems so odd to walk 50 meters and be on a white sandy beach. I’ve always lived near the seaside so it was interesting to see what other people appreciate a beach to be. The beaches where I live aren’t always pleasant and I’m not joking when I say the water is freezing. But I don’t know what I expected from the North of England?!

Daytona became famous for it’s major car races which started actually racing down the beach before being moved to a proper stadium which is much better equipped. Although it is completely lawful it really is strange to be stood paddling in the Atlantic and a car to rush past behind. Yes, that’s right driving on the beach is legal. Pretty strange right?

The beach is so white and pure, not really comparable to anything I’ve experienced at home. It gives a really beachy vibe and the serenity of the area would make you think you haven’t just stepped out of a major town. It’s quite deceiving!

As for the town itself. Daytona is a lovely little town, the bright coloured shops and houses make it feel all the more tropical. There are streets of antiques and vintage shops which are definitely a must if you are looking for something besides Disney related tat and plastic cups. Each little shop is different in its own way and all the people running it are so nice and friendly.

Unfortunately due to time restraints and a tropical storm chasing us, we couldn’t stay in Daytona for long. It was merely a passing visit. But certainly one that stuck with me. If you are in the Orlando area it is only a short drive up the coast to Daytona and DeLand and one that will definitly be worth it!



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  1. I love Daytona! It feels like a second home to me, even if I don’t get to visit as often as I would like. I was just there two months ago and I miss it.

  2. Yeah it’s such an amazing place isn’t it! I miss it too writing this post really gave me the holiday blues

  3. Thanks for your comment Ashlynn! I completely agree we were fortunate to miss all the hurricanes and only had a tropical storm to manage with which was bad enough for us Brits but fingers crossed everyone who was effected by the hurricanes across the US are all okay

  4. Wow this place sounds and looks amazing! I’ve never actually heard of this place before haha, but it looks like a great place to visit. Shame you couldn’t stay there longer 🙁 xx

  5. Loving your photography here, Ellie! You’ve done a fantastic job with this post! The pure white beach really does look heavenly, I can’t imagine driving over that perfect sand!! The little antique shops around this place sound lovely too, it’s always nice to make a purchase from them as you know you’ll be getting something unique! Fab post!


  6. Oh yes it’s definitely a must to be fair I wasn’t 100% clued up on it either but now I definitely am ❤️ Have a great week

  7. Thank you so much it really means a lot to me! Yeah it’s such an amazing place if you ever get the opportunity to go, you should it’s absolutely amazing Have a wonderful week

  8. It certain was fun and yes we are all so relieved too! Enjoy your week

  9. Thank you so much Abbey comments like this really make my day! I completely agree it was so odd seeing just trucks and all sorts whizzing passed. The little shops were amazing and I love that you know that your money is being spent locally instead of on massive corporations ❤️ Have an amazing week

  10. I would love to go to Daytona, I just think it’s one of those places that you need to visit. Lovely pictures!

    Abigail |

  11. Oh wow the photos look lovely, I love being at the beach it is definitely one of my happy places! As if cars drive along the beach that’s mad!!!! I love white sand beaches and bright blue seas, it makes a change from the often dull and dismal beaches in England, but I have to admit there are many in the UK that look beautiful, it’s just a risk knowin when it will be sunny or not to visit haha!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  12. Thank you Abigail! It’s definitely a must if you are ever in Florida

  13. Oh yes it was so refreshing compared to some of the beaches we have this side of the pond! Thank you for you comment have a great week 🙂

  14. Thank you so much Olivia it was certainly a surreal moment! Have a great week xx

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