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Highlighting Drops

Highlighting has become such a major trend this year and last year. Smothering yourself in glittery creams has been seen as high fashion. To be honest I’m all about this trend. A little bit of glow never hurt… Read More

Best Brushes

Brushes are so important for creating a seamless and flawless makeup look. Gone are the days where we would apply foundation with our hands and eyeshadow with those little spongey tips. Here are some of my favourite brushes… Read More

Laura Geller Set Review

TK Maxx is a beauty junkie’s hotspot for the best beauty buys of the year. They always have some of the best beauty deals from both high end brands and drugstores. I managed to bag this gorgeous Laura… Read More

Hand Cream Top Picks

Hand Cream Top Picks We all the know that feeling of having awfully dry skin but nothing to do about it. I have recently started carrying hand cream with me. I take it everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Having cracked… Read More

Cleanse and Polish Dupe

One of the world’s most hyped face washes has to be the Cleanse and Polish. The face wash was amazing it left you feeling nice and refreshed whilst also not making face washing a chore. The muslin cloth… Read More

Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Nail care is easy to neglect. There’s no lying that my nails don’t rank high on my list of priorities. I have recently made more of an effort in looking after my nails. I’ve always been plagued with… Read More

The Body Shop Blogger’s Event

In September I was invited along to a bloggers event hosted by The Body Shop I know, I’m bad at keeping on top of writing blog posts!! It was really so sweet of them to invite me along and… Read More

Luvenesco Retinol Cream Review

Recently Luvenseco reached out to me to review one for their products for their amazon page. They sent me their new retinol cream. They have expanded from men’s products to included some uni-sex products. The retinol cream is… Read More

Lotion Loving

Lotion Loving Body lotions are a must in the winter and especially in England. The air is so dry at the minute and my skin is really suffering. Lotion is the only thing that is keeping my skin… Read More

Aldi Mascara Review

Aldi Mascara Review Mascara is one of my favourite products to buy! I am a bit of a mascara junkie. I honestly have about 4 tubes on the go at the minute and I still keep buying more…. Read More