Modern Renaissance Dupe

Modern Renaissance Dupe

The Modern Renaissance Palette was probably one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes this year! Practically everyone and their dog had one. My Instagram was plagued with stunning photos of the palette and the different looks. I managed to get my hands on the Delicious Palette from W7 and honestly it looks so similar. I don’t have the real one but I’m just going to be reviewing this as a palette in it’s own right.

This palette would be perfect for autumn. It has such a variety of warm tone shades that can create so many different looks! I love all the berry shades as they look stunning on their own or fluffed into the crease. This palette is primarily matte shades but there are a few shimmer shades too which means you can create like a full glam eye look. The combinations are endless so I think this would be a great traveling palette. It won’t get too mucky like the original as the packaging is cardboard as opposed to suede on the real one. It also has a shade that suits my eyebrows perfectly.

As for the quality of the shades, they are extremely well made for the price. They blend nicely and also have a good colour pay off. The shimmer shades blew me away. I honestly didn’t have high expectations. Typically cheaper palettes have shimmer shades that are very chunky and scratch the lid. I’m sure we all remember those pans you used to get in magazines. Imagine that texture. Well these ones are creamy and smooth and resemble nothing of those fish scale like shadows. The eyeshadow catches the light nicely. I have also used these shades as highlighters which isn’t highly practical but they did look nice!

The brush was something else I didn’t really expect. Palettes of this price range tend to include those sponges that are binned after 4 seconds. However this one came with a blending brush much to my surprise. The brush has a fluffy end and a flat tapered end and it works so well. The fluffy end blends shadows through the crease seamlessly. The flat end can be used to pack shadows on to the lid. I haven’t even touched another brush for this palette. This is a big step for me as I tend to be a bit of a brush snob!!



Lovely Locks

Lovely Locks

Stop me if I’m wrong, but washing your hair is a societal norm. As much as you love or hate it, it’s just got to be done! I definitely fall into the don’t-want-to-but-feels-good category. Just the idea of shampooing and conditioning and blow drying and styling sends shivers up my spine. I recently started using Aussie products. It puts the pleasure back into washing my hair. Before it used to just feel as if you were doing it for nothing. When I use my Aussie products I love how my hair feels and it smells amazing.

The products I have been using are the Winter Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner. Although it was out of stock for a little bit, so I’ve been using the Aussie Mega Shampoo. Every few days I also swap out the conditioner for the three minute miracle deep treatment. I really like doing deep conditions as you really see the difference in the moisture levels of your hair. This was is also dead easy as it’s only 3 minutes so you can just keep it on in shower.

The Winter Miracle is by far my favourite scent as it smells all christmassy with all the different berries and what not! After a quick google search I’ve realised that there is also a Winter Miracle version of the 3 minute miracle. Being blonde it is very difficult to get shine in your hair but Aussie seem to crack it. Enough shine so it dazzles in the light but not too much that it looks like you have doused oil all over your hair.

*Winter Miracle Shampoo
*Winter Miracle Conditioner
*3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment

I have also picked up the Aussie dry shampoo to have a play around with but as I haven’t been using it for very long it wouldn’t be fair to give a proper review of it just yet but I’ll keep you updated!!

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Although I can officially say autumn is upon us, it’s that kinda weird part of the year weather wise. One day it’s freezing cold and requires boots and scarves and hats and coats and the next day it’s skirts with no tights weather. Work that one out?? I always struggle to dress appropriately during this time of the year. I’m either too hot or too cold and I really just can’t win. So as of late, I’ve been on the lookout for light clothes that I can layer up. This way if I’m too cold I can put my jacket back on and like wise if the temperature increases just whipping off a layer will cool me down. I recently joined the pink suede jacket trend and here’s why I’ve been loving it.

pink jacket side view cheap

  1. It’s pink. I am obsessed with pink. Not to defy Regina George, but On everyday of the week we wear pink. Why just limit to Wednesday?? The baby pink colour gives it such a feminine feel and adds a little touch of brightness to the autumn season and who wouldn’t want that? Pink actually suits more people than you would think. I think the hot pink days of the early 2000s has really put lots of people off the colour but the more modern toned down version can suit so many different people. Pink is a good alternative to white. White can be difficult to get right, it is either a strange shade or it gets dirty so easily. With pink I really feel like these problems are minimised.
  2. It’s the perfect medium between hot and cold. This jacket isn’t just stylish but also practical. It is a fine balance to find but this one seems to nail it on the head. Without being overly pessimistic about the state of the fashion community, clothes are either cute or practical. It feels like it’s a rarity to find something in between. Enter the pink jacket. I find that if I need it to, the jacket will keep me warm, but it isn’t too hot so that when I’m legging it for the bus I’m not sweating too much. Well, the sweat can’t be blamed on my fashion choices but more on my lack of physical fitness.
  3.  It goes with so many different outfits. Whether it’s jeans and some converse or maybe a nice top and some heels they possibilities are endless. This jacket can really make an outfit. I have really been enjoying throwing it over my white shirt and jeans which I did a post on here. It gives it more of an edgy look. I also like how the buckles and embellishments aren’t too overpowering or intricate which can often be the case with many similar jackets. Experimenting which this jacket has been so much fun. This particular jacket is also very soft fitting and doesn’t feel restricting whatsoever.
  4.  The price. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? I picked this jacket up from Tesco. Seriously you need their clothes in your life. After having searched high and low for a good quality alternative that didn’t break the bank I found this one and it works perfectly. Primark were stocking some recently but they never had any in my size which was tragic but in a way good as I managed to bag this one for only £15 more. At £35 I really don’t think that is too much of an outrageous price especially considering how much use I’ve already had out of it.

Check out how I styled this jacket to the best of my ability in these images below! I will also leave links to similar jackets you can find for the same kind of price range!!

pink suede jacket

*Missguided (£25)

*George (£30)

*Pretty Little Thing (£35)



*Disclaimer: All opinions are entirely my own, this post is not sponsored however the links with a (*) are affiliate links which means I earn a tiny amount if you click or order the product!

Xtava 5-In-1 Curling Wand Review

Xtava 5-In-1 Curling Wand Review

So you know that phrase, you always want what you don’t have. Well that applies to hair too! I naturally have poker straight hair and have always wanted curly hair. And I know lots of girls with curly hair that would die for straight hair. I have always struggled to find hair curlers that give a tight curl and make it last. But maybe this one is the one!

The curler comes packaged in a stunning box. It also includes a bag and a glove which is a nice touch. You will be able to see for yourself how premium it looks but in actual fact it’s so inexpensive!! This can be purchased on amazon for only £21.99. Which if you ask me is a bargain as you basically get 5 hair curlers for the price of one!

Okay so on to the barrels!! There are 5 different barrels ranging from 19 to 32 mm so there is such a variety. 3 of the larger barrels have clips which does make sectioning and curling easy. But I have to say I prefer the look given by the smaller barrels. I would say this is probably just as I have very thin hair so small and more tight curls look better. Although the clips are handy I am a big fan of the clip-less barrels as it gives you a little more freedom.

I think the thinest barrel is definitely my favourite, and in the photos below you will see that barrel in action. The temperature settings can be varied as well which is brilliant for those of you with hard to curl hair. I tend to put the curler on 210 as it makes the curls last for so long but obviously it’s not so brilliant for your hair! Also I never use heat protectant as I saw on a documentary that it basically just fries your hair. Does anyone know if that is entirely true??

This curler would be great for travelling! Having the ability to create 5 different looks with just one hot tool is so handy. These curls also last FOR-EVER! I am an everyday hair washer- I know don’t hate me… so I decided to stop washing my hair just to see how long they lasted. After 3 days the curls were still looking amazing and frizz-less but my greasy hair was getting just a little too much so I had to wash it! If you wash your hair less frequently you could literally curl it once a week and it would definitely last.

I can’t find a down side to these curlers they truly are just fab. They heat up and cool down quickly and create perfect looking curls and are so inexpensive! What more to you want??


You can purchase this wand from Amazon here


*All opinions are my own, however this product was sent to me for review by the company!


NYX Best Bits

NYX Best Bits

NYX is pretty new to the UK and boy, are we glad it’s here! The brand allows you to create professional makeup looks with few products and at a cheap price. The company began stocking in boots but have also recently opened there own shops in some prime locations meaning it is so easy to get your hands on these amazing products.

This post is going to be about some of the things I have recently picked up from NYX. I will also be giving you a little mini review/first impressions.

Honey Dew Me Up

I decided to buy this primer as it reminded me so much of the Guerlain l’or radiance with the gold little flecks. Obviously I haven’t tried the one from Guerlain but I was pleasantly surprised by this one! As it has honey I thought there was a risk that it could be a bit too sticky but it definitely isn’t. The product feels very premium. The primer is very stringy originally but really smooths out your canvas. It also is very moisturising and refreshing. I would say that unless you have super dry skin there would be little need for a moisturiser underneath. The primer appears to reduce puffiness around the eyes because of the cooling effect it has. The packaging is also pretty. It sits so nicely on my dressing table. I’m actually a fan of the spatula as it gives you the right amount of product each time.

Find it here:
* (USA)

Green Colour Corrector

The hunt for a good green colour corrector has been on for years due to my bad acne. Having never wished to splurge on one, i decided to try this one as a happy medium. You do get quite a lot of product for the price and my gosh is it pigmented. What I like about this corrector is that it is darker green compared to others I’ve tried. This means it appears to correct more deeply as opposed to the top (if that makes sense?!). This corrector comes with a doe foot applicator which I don’t like on concealers. I’m a germaphobe, I know. I tend to apply to the back of my hand first before applying to my face. The product is so pigmented so you only need a little. Trust me. Otherwise, it can give you a mouldy tinge- not pleasant!

Find it here:
* (USA)

Matte Lip Creams

It is no secret that I absolutely love these lipsticks. They have featured on my blog before. The amount of bottles of Stockholm I have gone through is insane! As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was desperate to get my hands on the colour Zurich. The reasoning being as I used to live not far from Zurich and the colour was stunning. It is slightly more pink than Stockholm so compliments my pale skin and eyes well. I finally managed to pick this up in the states but I do think it is in stock at boots now! Typical. I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details of these lipsticks as you can go over to my other post to read more of an in depth review. Click here to find that. I’ll leave you with one final comment though. You need these lipsticks now.

Find them here:
* UK


Disclaimer: All opinions are entirely my own, this post is not sponsored however the links with a (*) are affiliate links which means I earn a tiny amount if you click or order the product!

Bilou Beauty

Bilou Beauty

This range of products sparked my interest after seeing someone cover them in a YouTube video. Having never heard of Bibi before I searched for her channel and my German side was very much pleased.  A German woman making videos about whatever the hell she likes all whilst being hilarious at the same time. If you can speak German I would highly recommend taking a watch! So I checked her out and decided I wanted to buy some of her products. I popped down to Superdrug and pretty much picked up the whole range! I got one of every scent available except for the Fizzy Berry as I really just didn’t like it! Germany have more flavours which do interest me so looks like I may have to make a trip back there soon.

Coco Cocktail

I think I would have to say this one is my favourite flavour. It smells like coconuts and pineapples so basically like you’ve just rubbed a pina colada all over your body. I picked up the shower gel and the body spray in this scent. The shower gel now basically lives on the side of my bath it’s so great. The shower gels are all foams which is a nice novel concept it does also mean that you can’t miss anywhere as it is visible but the water may wash it away faster than you can rub it in. Although it does smell like a cocktail party in your shower the smell does linger which is very uncommon in a shower gel. The spray lives up to the same standards also in that it smells amazing and rarely needs topping up. I also really like the pump on the spray!

coco cocktail body spray coco cocktail shower cream

Pink Melon Shower Cream

This melon flavour is very refreshing it is almost kinda citrusy which helps to wake you up in the mornings. The bottle also claims it has raspberries in it, which could give it it’s more sweet qualities. I only got the shower gel in this one as I wasn’t 100% sold on it first time around. The formula of all the body washes is very creamy and light weight which I enjoy in a  shower gel. The scent almost feels summery the kind of thing you would want to shower with after you’ve just been at the beach all day. The fruity floral vibes really takes you back to summer and who wouldn’t want that little glimpse of the warmer days in autumn and winter!!!

pink melon shower cream

Tasty Donut Shower Cream

Tasty Donut definitely smells the most sweet out of all of the fragrances. It has a hint of strawberry which the company say is down to the strawberry icing on the freshly baked donuts. It just smells lush. This shower foam is something you really wouldn’t tire of rubbing all over your body! The little graphic on the front of this bottle is so cute!! The packaging on all of the bottles is to die for but the ickle donut on the front really is the icing on the cake. What I also like about these products is that they are all 100% vegan and contain some of the most moisturising ingredients to help keep your skin in tip top condition. Almond, olive and avocado oils are all used within the products which undoubtedly give them their creamy properties.

tasty donut shower cream

Cotton Candy Shower Cream

This scent is a bit hit and miss so I’d recommend going and testing it before purchasing. I love it and think it smells amazing but my sister has likened it to the scent of that weird vape everyone seems to be doing nowadays. Although I can see where she could be coming from but I do feel like it is a much more pleasant smell than that of vape!! I bought the body cream in this flavour as I wanted to see how it compared to some of my other body lotions. The ingredients really help to nourish and cool the body! It has aloe vera in it which is always handy and probably contributes to the cooling effect. I do like the fact that it is a cream as it feels like you are rubbing whipped cream on your body which is a novel concept. This cream really does what is says on the tin and would be perfect post shaving!

cotton candy body cream

All of these products are available in Superdrug and are so well priced. I just hope they bring more of the scents to the UK for us to try soon!!

*Coco Cocktail Shower Cream
*Coco Cocktail Bodyspray
*Pink Melon Shower Cream
*Tasty Donut Shower Cream
*Cotton Candy Body Cream

Pixi Products

Pixi Products

Pixi seems to be a beauty bloggers best brand. Products that work, and that are completely photogenic. The brand is fairly new to the UK but makeup is hard to get a hold of. Pixi skincare has done it’s rounds on the internet in the past 12 months when M&S started stocking it. And I also can’t pretend like this is my first time reviewing their products. So click here if you want to read about the glow tonic.

I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up some of their range whilst in the US. Yes I know you are all sick of it but it has to be said. The whole pixi brand is available at target and in my opinion isn’t too over priced. For the quality and the amount you receive pixi is well worth the higher price tag. The products I have been using over the past month or so have worked amazingly well and have left me wanting more!

Liquid Lipstick

You know me, if a brand offers a liquid lip of course I’m going to try it. Having tried many lipsticks in this form, I can confidently say this one is very high quality. The lipstick is completely opaque and only one layer is required. It applies smoothly and doesn’t dry down patchy. It definitely has a long wear time and fades nicely throughout the day!  No odd lip lines or strange colours here. The scent of the lipstick is also pleasant and not too overpowering which is a major hit.

I am a huge fan of the applicator. It is a doe foot which we all know I love. The selling point (haha wait for it) of this one is the unique tapered point at the top which allows for a smooth and easy application. At the best of times liquid lip application can be hard but this makes it 100x easier.

*liquid lipstick

Bottom Lash Mascara

At first I wasn’t sold on the idea of a mascara purely for your bottom lashes. I started evaluating the pros and cons to decided that it’s a good idea. It is incredibly handy to have something that coats those ickle lashes with ease and doesn’t smudge everywhere. The formula is slightly different to a normal mascara. This is more of a thin liquid as it isn’t needed to hold a curl. The brush is also very helpful at getting a perfect application. The bristles are tiny and it almost looks like a small screw. It allows the lashes to get into the grooves and become thoroughly coated. Bottom lash mascara is becoming one of my favourite products, it can really transform your eye makeup. It could take a look from day to night. A quick coat of this and you’d be ready to hit the town!

*brow tamer and mascara set

Brow Tamer

Eyebrow tamers are essential for everyday wear. And who wouldn’t want tamed brows. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the likely event that one gust of wind could blow those babies all in the wrong direction would you? Honestly it can happen! Some days mothernature is really not on our side. Anyways, this brow mascara is perfect for keeping those hairs neat and also ordered. The wand allows for a precise and easy application and allows you full control over your brows. There is no need to worry about your brows when it comes to this, they have you covered. The gel is very strong therefore you can see the lasting effects of it throughout the day. It is like slathering your brows in PVA in the way that they stay put all day long. I love this brow gel and I’m concerned for when it runs out!


*Disclaimer: All opinions are entirely my own, this post is not sponsored however the links with a (*) are affiliate links which means I earn a tiny amount if you click or order the product!

Shorts and Tees

Shorts and Tees

Love the hat

Hot climates call for appropriate clothing and its no secret that most people would pull out the shorts. Being someone who never wears shorts, when I was packing to go to Florida I struggled with what to pack. It dawned on me that I could just make a pair out of an old pair of jeans and thus this outfit was born!

Winter Park

I was pretty annoyed because my New Look jeans had grown a whole in the back so were practically useless. I thought I may as well take a pair of scissors to them and see what could be done. With basically just a few snips I was left with a long pair of shorts. As my sewing skills are extremely limited and to be honest my cutting wasn’t exactly neat either I decided to roll up the bottom edge. This gave the shorts a really rustic kinda feel as they are darker inside so created a two toned vibe. I was so pleased with the result and they were so comfy and of course well used.

On the days where my family and I were literally just walking around theme parks and what not they were perfect. They didn’t cause too much of the old thigh rubbings which is a hell of a bonus when its like 36 degrees out.  I just chucked on this cute little tee to go with them. Honestly this is the world’s best value tee shirt as it only cost £1 from M&S.

Green Kanken

When out and about, I wore of course my extravagant hat with my Fjallraven Kanken backpack. I adore this backpack. Not only is it cute, but it’s also majorly practical this is the second one I’ve owned now!! They have both done me well and well travelled back packs!

Full outfit details shorts and tees

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

There are some places on earth that make you feel just so chilled and almost at home. For me Daytona Beach was one of those places. It really is a crazy place for a world famous beach. It is literally just next to a major town so seems so odd to walk 50 meters and be on a white sandy beach. I’ve always lived near the seaside so it was interesting to see what other people appreciate a beach to be. The beaches where I live aren’t always pleasant and I’m not joking when I say the water is freezing. But I don’t know what I expected from the North of England?!

Daytona became famous for it’s major car races which started actually racing down the beach before being moved to a proper stadium which is much better equipped. Although it is completely lawful it really is strange to be stood paddling in the Atlantic and a car to rush past behind. Yes, that’s right driving on the beach is legal. Pretty strange right?

The beach is so white and pure, not really comparable to anything I’ve experienced at home. It gives a really beachy vibe and the serenity of the area would make you think you haven’t just stepped out of a major town. It’s quite deceiving!

As for the town itself. Daytona is a lovely little town, the bright coloured shops and houses make it feel all the more tropical. There are streets of antiques and vintage shops which are definitely a must if you are looking for something besides Disney related tat and plastic cups. Each little shop is different in its own way and all the people running it are so nice and friendly.

Unfortunately due to time restraints and a tropical storm chasing us, we couldn’t stay in Daytona for long. It was merely a passing visit. But certainly one that stuck with me. If you are in the Orlando area it is only a short drive up the coast to Daytona and DeLand and one that will definitly be worth it!



Swing Dresses

Swing Dresses

Swing dresses are really coming back into fashion at the minute. Their popularity stems most likely from their versatility and adaptability. It’s difficult to find an occasion for when a swing dress would be entirely inappropriate and everyone looks good in them! They are so easy to just chuck on when you’re in a rush and don’t want to have to put lots of effort into an outfit. This is probably why this dress was so well used whilst I was on holiday.

Do you know those days where you are going to be back and forth between the hotel pool and nipping out to the shop? Enter the swing dress. It is perfectly acceptable to have your bikini on under your dress so if any swimming related emergency pops up you are set and ready. One swift movement and you’ve gone from looking good and put together to ready for a quick dip. Who wouldn’t want the convenience?

The dress I have been wearing is from Jack Wills and honestly it is so old now! To show you how it has lasted the test of time, this dress was almost down to my ankles when I bought it and the waist band touched my body. Now the dress reaches to mid calf and is so big around the waist ( I was a bit of a chunk lol) and it is still a staple piece in my wardrobe.

I paired this dress with a pair of baby blue sandals that I bought from M&S during the sale and of course a wide brimmed straw hat. A holiday essential for everyone I assume! I loved the way this outfit looked and how comfy I felt in it. It really was perfect for lounging around when it was 37 degree heat.