Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Nail care is easy to neglect. There’s no lying that my nails don’t rank high on my list of priorities. I have recently made more of an effort in looking after my nails. I’ve always been plagued with weak and brittle nails – Thanks Mum! But I’ve accumulated a list of products, tips and tricks to keep my nails in tip top condition.

First nail polish is a nice accessory but it isn’t always great for your nails. It stops the cuticles breathing and can leave them worse than they were before. There’s no doubt that I am a huge fan of having polished nails but most of the time you will see my rocking the varnish free look. In some ways my job in hospitality helps here!! Having a good nail varnish remover on hand is always important. Giving your nails even just a couple of days a week to breathe and soak in some vitamin D will help them grow and become stronger. My favourite nail polish remover at the minute is this miniature one I got in my Essie advent calendar.

I love using cuticle cream and nail creams. I had one from boots which was amazing. It grew my nails so strong and long but I seem to have lost it but I’ll try to leave a link at the bottom of the page. Keeping the nails hydrated is one of the best ways to stop them drying out. I use Pawpaw oitment and slather that on my cuticles a couple of times a week which keeps my fingertips feeling their best. I picked this up in TK Maxx for like £2 and I use it for everything. It is such a versatile product and if you can’t justify it for your nails alone try using it on your lips too.

Keeping your nails short and squared off is the most practice shape in my opinion. A file and a good pair of clippers is essential for keeping your nails in tip top condition. I have recently been turned to nail cubes. They have a file a buffer and a few other bits on them. A lady at The Body Shop was telling me about them and then I managed to get my hands on one in my advent calendar. Buffing your nails is so good for strength too. It also increases blood flow in your nails and promotes growth. I also find it so therapeutic to chill out and give my nails a good file and buff.

With a little bit of patience and TLC your nails will be looking so much stronger and healthier in no time. And let me know if you have any

*Pawpaw ointment

*Nail Cream

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The Body Shop Blogger’s Event

In September I was invited along to a bloggers event hosted by The Body Shop I know, I’m bad at keeping on top of writing blog posts!! It was really so sweet of them to invite me along and I had a great time. They were kind enough to gift me a few samples and I picked up a few bits in their sale.

The whole purpose of the event was to allow people to ask questions to the staff about The Body Shop and their products. The Body Shop is now a fully cruelty free brand. This is something really important to me. Buying cruelty free is something I’m trying more consciously to do. There are often brands I didn’t now tested on animals that I have in my collection. I really believe that there is little point throwing away a product when you realise it has been tested n animals. We are much better just learning from out mistakes and not letting products go to waste!

So moving away from that little aside, I’m going to be showing you some of the things I got at the event 🙂

First of all my most used purchase is this fan brush. I had never owned a fan brush but was desperate to try one for highlighting and what not. This one seemed like an appropriate choice as it is 100% vegan and incredibly soft. It only cost me £8 so was a great deal!

I also went for this little cleansing set. It was just £3 so basically a no brainier. The set comes with an eye makeup remover and a toner. I love that the toner has Aloe Vera in it so is so soothing. The eye makeup remover has chamomile and it is so gentile on my eyes. There is nothing worse than eye makeup remover that stings and burns!! The bottles are great for travel. They contain around 100ml which is quite a lot really. I honestly just use these at home but they would be great for on the go!

As for the little samples, I love the vitamin E cream! It is so hydrating and makes my face feel so nice and plump. It is pink too so what more do you want from your skin care. The tea tree oil is also a nice little sample. It’s helpful that it comes in a little tube so its quite easy to apply. It really helps to dry out any blemishes and it seriously works. I’m not going to lie, I honestly thought I was allergic to tea tree oil. After giving this a go I don’t know how I managed so long without it. The final sample I got was the Drops of Youth which again is very nice! It feels cooling on my skin and adds a youthful looking glow. The samples are really generous sizes and you can get at least 2 applications from each packet.

I really appreciate the invite to such a great event and I will continue happily purchasing from the Body Shop knowing they are fully cruelty free. The Body Shop also have a great rewards programme which is definitely worth signing up for if you aren’t already!


Green and Gold

Jumpers are a girl’s best friend at this time of the year. The temperature outside it rapidly approaching 0. This really isn’t what I signed up for. This jumper has barely left my body since I bought it last month. The whole outfit makes me feel so fancy and high class. When in actual fact the whole outfit was bought from budget shops.

The jumper is arguably the biggest part of this outfit. It is this gorgeous moss green jumper with little gold insects on it. I clearly don’t do it justice with the explanation. The gold and green go so well together. I love how the jumper has lots of different tones of green within it. It gives it a more rustic feel. The jumper is kind of oversized so definitely keeps you warm in the colder temperatures. And it is so so soft. You know how jumpers can be a little scratchy well this one is certainly not that. It feels soft and nice on my skin which makes it all the more pleasurable to wear. I’m pretty sure everyone at college is sick of seeing this jumper.

Usually, I pair this jumper with a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. I have been loving this pair from Tesco. Yes I am a major Tesco clothing advocate their clothes rival some of the highstreet’s biggest brands. These jeans are also incredibly comfy. They have a high waist and are almost elasticated around the hips to hug you tightly. Also they have stayed black. I find it hard nowadays to find black jeans that are actually black for more than a few days. The only thing with this is be prepared to be the but of every family joke as they are ripped. Seriously these jeans have become quite to go to for jokes in my household.

The next essential part of this outfit is my fake gucci belt. This was just £3. Yes you heard it right, £3! Total bargain if you ask me. I picked this up in Primark. They only had a size M which is far too big for me but when I tuck my jumper into my jeans it isn’t too bad. I really should punch an extra few holes in it! The gold matches the gold on my jumper perfectly so it ties the whole outfit together.

Finally I finish the look off with these brown boots which I have stolen… I mean borrowed from my sister. At first the heels was a little too much for college but my feet are used to it and they are a little low if anything. The brown colour lightens the outfit a bit and gives more of a wintery look to the outfit. These are also from the supermarket. This time Sainsburys, we are going back maybe a year with these and they have lasted such a long time. I remember my sister paying around £12 for these and they always have such good sales in there so bagging deals is not uncommon.

Of course I had to find a good pair of gold earrings to go with the outfit. I chose to go with these stars from Lovisa which I have written a post about here!


Luvenesco Retinol Cream Review

Recently Luvenseco reached out to me to review one for their products for their amazon page. They sent me their new retinol cream. They have expanded from men’s products to included some uni-sex products.

The retinol cream is used as like a moisturiser. It also replaces your serums. You apply the cream to a clean face and it gets rid of any dry patches whilst also plumping the skin. When using a retinol you have to use it for a continued period of time in order to see a difference in the skin. I have now been using this product for over a month. I can say my skin looks so much brighter and more plump. As well as generally more youthful looking.

The cooling effect the cream has on the skin is also a nice touch. It appears to reduce puffiness around the eyes which I seem to be susceptible to. As it brightens too it seems to even out my skin tone. I have been using this as a base for makeup. I feel like in some ways it works better than primer as it almost lifts the face. However sometimes I will go in with a little bit of primer across my nose just to minimise my pores. It is full of vitamins and mineral which are great for your face.

My original thoughts of the product was that I wasn’t going to like it. I judged it purely on the scent which is quite orangey. Having not been an orange fan until recently I was a little worried. But I was surprised how quickly I got used to the smell and it no longer bothers me. If you are a citrus lover you will most likely really enjoy this product. I also really like the packaging of the product. It looks so sleek at compact. As the product is so rich you only need a little bit which is even mor of a bonus!! The product is avaifor purchase from Amazon for only £16.99. This is quite a good deal really considering how expensive some skincare can be! Supporting family run businesses is something I am also very passionate about


Let me know if you try anything from Luvenesco and what you think of it!

Lotion Loving

Lotion Loving

Body lotions are a must in the winter and especially in England. The air is so dry at the minute and my skin is really suffering. Lotion is the only thing that is keeping my skin moderately in tact at the minute. As I’n sure you could probably guess I have tried quite the assortment of body lotion and here are some of my favourites!

The first one is this Bilou cream. I love how easy this is to apply, it is in a can with a nozzle which makes it mess free. The scent is pretty sweet but also nice. It produces a thick cream. The cream sinks into the skin and leaves you feeling nice and soft. I have written a post about all of the matching shower creams before. This body lotion has been a stand out product for me. It works so well in conjunction with the shower creams. I feel like this is the perfect lotion for after shaving. A fizzy berry flavour is also available in this range but I much prefer this scent!

The next cream is this lotion from Victoria Secret, this was a gift from a friend and I adore it so much! It smells amazing it is such a light and lovely scent. There is also a matching spray which is so nice too. This cream is so cold and refreshing. As the scent is nice and light it is perfect for the mornings. It wakes you up and gets you ready for the day! There is nothing I love more than products that are cold after a nice hot shower. Again this is perfect for post leg shaving. The lotion is also really long lasting. It sinks into the skin but you know it is still working all day long. Sometimes with creams it feels like they just sit on top of the skin and you just end up washing it off in the shower!

My last favourite body lotion is one I have repurchased so many times! It is from Ted Baker beauty so is often difficult to get hold of because this isn’t always easily accessible. I got this from Boots during the Christmas season as it usually comes in a gift set. This lotion is another fresh scented one. It says it has violet and vanilla in it as well as fruity top notes. This blend makes for a lovely light scented body cream. The cream is much thinner than the others but it still does a great job at sinking into the skin. The lotion is another colder cream and so feels like it wakes the skin up and reduces inflammation. I love the packaging of the bottle but would you expect anything less from Ted Baker.

*Cotton Candy Lotion

*Ted Baker Lotion


Aldi Mascara Review

Aldi Mascara Review

Mascara is one of my favourite products to buy! I am a bit of a mascara junkie. I honestly have about 4 tubes on the go at the minute and I still keep buying more. This mascara from Aldi was not only cheap but also very popular. When I was buying it, a woman was telling me how she had driven for like 40 minutes to stock up on this mascara because her local Aldi had ran out! So if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what would!

The mascara is labelled as a 3D mascara. I have no idea what that means. But it seems to do the job pretty well! Your eyelashes are well separated and fanned out nicely. It also layers really well. It doesn’t weigh down your lashes either. The brush helps with the plumping effect too. It has an almost tapered shaped so you get those long fluttery lashes on the edges. The brush is a bristly brush which isn’t always my favourite but it does work well here.

The consistency of the mascara is also nice, it isn’t too gloopy or too runny. The wand also manages to pick up just the right amount. My only complaint is that it is quite stringy and sometimes a lot of mascara can accumulate at the end of the wand. So be careful if you tend to wave your hands about a lot like me. I’m not 100% if it is purposeful, but the mascara also looks like it might have fibres in it. Maybe that’s the 3D effect… this all seems to be making sense to me know I have written it down.

Another great thing is that I believe this product is also cruelty free. From a quick google search I was able to find Aldi’s mission statement about such topics for all of their products. The mascara is such a great deal at only £2.49 so it’s worth stocking up if you can get your hands on this. Although I have heard it is selling out pretty fast! The tube is quite big and bulky so obviously not great for travel but it does mean you get a lot of product for your money. Major win all round I would say!

Please do let me know if you have tried this or anything else from Aldi’s beauty range!


Best Bath Bombs

Best Bath Bombs

There is no better winter warmer than a nice bath. You can just chill out and relax whilst being of course warm. A bath is so much better with a bath bomb. I have tested lots of bath bombs and Lush always come out on top. There is no question they make the best bath bombs around and of course they are cruelty free.

I recently went on a huge bath bomb buying spree and picked out quite a few to try. I decided to buy bombs I had not yet tried. Some of them are Lush’s most popular bath products and some are more seasonal.

Starting with the Sex bomb. Love the name can I just say! This one is rated number 1 on Influenster in the bath bomb category and I can see why. It fills your bath with a gorgeous milky pink foam. It feels really creamy on your skin and almost moisturises your body. Also this bath bomb smells Lush, excuse the pun! I love how the scent fills the whole bathroom too. Inside of this bath bomb is a little jelly kind of flower which is a cute little touch.

In case you don’t follow me on twitter (btw you should!) I just want to reinforce that I am a major avocado advocate. I’m serious. This bath bomb appealed to be straight away for its avocado properties. So as always I cracked and bought the green bath bomb! I am so glad I did though it smells amazing and I would like to say it is all avocado that creates the green colour but maybe it had a little help in that department! After this one fizzled out it almost ended up a yellow green colour which was cool.

Next up is the Think Pink bath bomb. This one is so glittery and pink it made me feel like a genuine mermaid! The bomb feels a little more waxy than other bath bombs which is a nice addition. As for this bath bomb, it is the most slow fizzing one I have had but the most creamy too. It almost created bubbles within the bath. This bath bomb is scented vanilla which is an absolute favourite of mine! It left me feeling so chilled out and ready for bed which is always the main reason for a bath.

I also decided to buy the experimenter as I’m sure you know I’m a bit of a sucker for anything geometric! I think it appeals to my inner OCD. The colours were pretty too so of course it was going in my basket. I can only explain this bath bomb as industrial strength. It has so many different colours and diffuses out nicely. It really is mesmerising watching all the colours blend into one! Again this is a vanilla one and it has popping candy too which is so cool in your bath!

This little yellow submarine reminded me of my childhood when we used to beg our teacher to sing this song! I thought what better way to reminisce than through a yellow fizzy thing you stick in the bath! Another great thing about it is it is coconut scented. I know it’s a bit of a love or hate thing but I have to say it’s a personal favourite! Coconut always reminds me of holiday time and so it is another great winter warmer as it makes you think about summer time.


Ted Baker Skirt

Ted Baker Skirt

Skirts are probably one of my favourite items of clothing. I saw this skirt in TK Maxx and instantly knew I needed it. The hefty price tag did put me off a little bit. I decided to hold off a little bit until it was reduced. A few months later I bagged this for just £19. The skirt is Ted Baker so a steal really. It feels so premium and nice to wear.

The skirt is kind of puffy and has some gorgeous volume around the edges. It is also a silky material so looks so nice in lots of different outfits. I have worn this skirt with thick black tights and a jumper before and it has looked really nice. With this outfit I was away catching some sun so I chose to wear it with this little chiffon top and some sandals for a pop of colour. The skirt is of course the statement piece and the other bits compliment it well. A v neck looks really nice with this skirt but so would a regular neck line.

The pleating on the skirt gives it such a feminine look. I love how you can both dress this up and dress this down. Funnily enough when I was over in the US this was current season in the Ted Baker shops so we must be a couple of seasons ahead if I found this in TK Maxx. The sizing must run a little large as I picked this up in a UK size 4 and I am usually a 6 or 8.

The rest of my outfit is very much budget friendly. As for the top I got that from Lidl. Yes Lidl, they do great clothes! And my sandals were £9 from M&S. Biggest tip for you, shop out of season and you will be able to pick up great deals like this!

The Rest of Us Just Live Here Review

The Rest of Us Just Live Here Review

This is the first book I have read from Patrick Ness. Let me tell you now it certainly won’t be the last. This novel is expertly crafted and had me hooked from the beginning. Mikey really just wants to graduate. He wants his freedom and the book follows his journey during his final year at high school before leaving for college. It tackles the generally touchy subject of mental health and shows how anyone can suffer.

Without trying to spoil too much, Mikey and his sisters Mel and Meredith have a tricky family life. Their mum is a state senator and their dad is well, an alcoholic. They constantly battle with their own family problems and being in the public eye too.

As well as the main characters the book also follows ‘the indie kids’ who all seem to be dying. Each chapter begins with a brief update as to what is going on within their little community. Ness does an amazing job at with holding information and leaving us guessing.

The different relationships within the family develop and change and with each negative event we see the family come closer or fall apart. I love how the main character is a male. The battle he has with his mental state shows that it is boys that suffer too. Ness does a great job at breaking down the stigma when it comes to this. Mikey’s wish to just live a normal and stress free life will ring accord with many young people. The highs and lows in Mikey’s life perfectly resembles a normal life and I love how his character is so relatable.

You really don’t want to miss out on this book. It really gives you perspective and a general feeling of satisfaction at the end. It also kind of gives you hope for everything that is to come.

Just a brief notice, if you were victims in the Manchester Bombings and are easily triggered this book may not be for you!


Flowerbomb Festivities

Flowerbomb Festivities

Okay so we all know that I am a bit of a perfume addict. Despite having 4 open bottles of perfume I was still lusting after the Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb. But can you really blame me?? The bottle is gorgeous and it smells just amazing. And who can have too much perfume anyway and nobody is counting.

This perfume smells so good!! It has such a lovely sweet smell. It is definitely a distinct scent and I don’t feel like there is much out there that is similar. Flower bomb is a very fruity and floral scent as the name would imply. I’m going to pretend like I know what I’m talking about and say it’s a fresh scent with a little bit of a citrus undertone. I would also say it isn’t particularly strong and isn’t too sickly. We all know those perfumes that are just a tad too strong and hit you a bit too hard. You can always tell when you have this perfume on but it doesn’t throw yourself at you and leave you with a headache all day. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Another big pull of this perfume is the bottle. Who doesn’t love a good bottle? It is such a cute branding and packaging. I love the glass cut of the bottle. It feels really chic and sleek in your hands. Viktor and Rolf have done such an amazing job with the branding. It’s no doubt that it is so popular across the world. I have never noticed the colour of a perfume before but the pink colour of this reminds me of pink lemonade and I love it. Of course the colour of a perfume is pretty irrelevant but it is a nice little touch.

Viktor and Rolf started off as a Dutch fashion brand and have slowly become renowned for their amazing perfumes! Big shout out for europeans killing it once again. It is also a pretty well aged perfume. This old boy has been on the shelves since 2000. That even outdates me so it clearly stands the test of time! Flowerbomb is certainly not one to miss out on. And if you were looking for an excuse to buy another perfume, here it is! Honestly though if you have never tried this perfume before just give it a whiff and I’m confident you will fall head over heels in love with it. I can see my relationship with this perfume going on for quite sometime now.


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